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Join Nancy Gross as she teaches:

Gentle Yoga Classes

Come and Experience the
Essence of Gentle Yin Yoga - Stillness, Awareness, Intention & Attention of Your Body, Breath, Mind & Spirit!


Take time for self discovery and tap into your healing powers.

Monday, Tuesday & Friday
9:00 am - 10:15 am 

Classes held at:
769 Eden Drive 
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459


(Call 850-797-6926

Also Available

Private Yoga Sessions

Ayurveda Wellness Consultation

Chair Yoga Sessions

What is Yin Yang Yoga?

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Nancy Gross, M.S. RYPT 200, Certified Yoga  

Instructor & Aqua Fusion Instructor & Ayurveda 

Wellness Consultant 


What is ZIA Wellness?

ZIA Wellness was coined to combine a sacred symbol representing the sun. One of many meanings is the four sacred obligations of one’s physical, mental, spiritual and social health.  This combined with the multidimensional term “ Wellness “ described as an integrated method of functioning which is oriented toward maximizing an individual’s potential requiring a continuum of balance and purposeful direction. ZIA Wellness are comprehensive educational programs and workshops that encompass lifestyle, psychological, mental and spiritual wellbeing, the environment one lives and works in and the relationships in one’s life. Wellness factors that have been documented to contribute to a healthy, happy successful life are the characteristics and behaviors promoted by ZIA Wellness.


The activities of the workshops include a new perspective on ways to:

  • Eat in a conscious, nourishing, balanced and organic manner.
  • Engage daily in physical activity that conditions the body for growth, maintenance, maximum energy, strength and vitality, as well as personal responsibility and self-care.
  • Participate and contribute to one’s environment and community to build a wellness culture and positive social networks.
  • Enrich life through work and all activities, seeking self-control and determination as a sense of direction.
  • Daily meditate to ground oneself and nourish self-understanding of the spirit within.
  • Wellness is an active process through which one becomes aware of and makes choices to reach a fulfilled, joyous existence.  The goal of the educational experience is to develop a personal wellness self- management plan.