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Join Nancy Gross as she teaches:

Gentle Yoga Classes

Come and Experience the
Essence of Gentle Yin Yoga - Stillness, Awareness, Intention & Attention of Your Body, Breath, Mind & Spirit!


Take time for self discovery and tap into your healing powers.

Monday, Tuesday & Friday
9:00 am - 10:15 am 

Classes held at:
769 Eden Drive 
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459


(Call 850-797-6926

Also Available

Private Yoga Sessions

Ayurveda Wellness Consultation

Chair Yoga Sessions

What is Yin Yang Yoga?

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FREE Ayurvedic Consultation






Nancy Gross, M.S. RYPT 200, Certified Yoga  

Instructor & Aqua Fusion Instructor & Ayurveda 

Wellness Consultant 


Contact Nancy for your FREE wellness consultation. 


Nancy is a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant. 

Call Nancy Gross at (850) 797-6926 or (256) 441-3418 or E-mail: nancydgross@gmail.com

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  • Are you wanting a More Nurturing & Powerful Approach to Your Health & Wellness?
  • Empower Yourself to Be More Conscious, Trust Your Intuition & Improve Self-Knowledge
  • Determining Your Body Mind Constitution - What is Your Dosha?
  • A New Perspective on How to Nourish your Mind-Body-Soul & Finding Balance!
  • Meal planning using the Six Tastes & Qualities of Food.
  • Reawakening Your Body’s Intelligence.
  • Learn Self-Pulse Diagnosis
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